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Starr LimStarr Lim 

Build A Lemonade Stand

Hi! I'm at the last section "create the object model", facing the problem, The 'Pending Orders by Queue' report does not appear to be grouped by Fulfillment Queue Name and Flavor Name. 

Apparently, the there's no such "Fulfillment Queue Name" that i can drag and drop into my report. Have checked and i've followed the prev steps.. i've created and defined the neccessary custom object for fufillment queue. Any suggestion? :) Thanks!


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Chris Green 4Chris Green 4
I used a custom report type on that one.  If you are to, double check that you have the Fulfillment Queue Name added as a field in the report.  If you are using a standard report type you may have to move to custom report types to get that field.
Starr LimStarr Lim
Hi Chris, thank you!
Yes, i'm using custom report type however i'm not able to find the Fufillment Queue Name in the field
Starr LimStarr Lim

I've added the record name "Fufillment Queue Name" under create > object. I'm guessing that by checking "allow reports", i should be able to see the field.. However i'm not. have screenshot a pic for ref :)

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