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Roberto CialfiRoberto Cialfi 

Send scheduled report in Excel - Free

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if someone knows what is the easier way to enable salesforce to send reports as Excel attachment when a report is scheduled.

I know this is not possible with the current Salesforce version, so I am looking for free external resources.

The only problem is I cannot code. Of course, if there is a quick guide and the coding is relatively easy, I may try. However, my team would be more inclined to look for any tool that does not require it.

Thank you for your help,


Harshit Garg 6Harshit Garg 6
Heay Here,

We got your request, but as of now as per the standard salesforce functionality you may not able to schedule report in exce/csv/pdf format but you can achieve this by writing apex and triggers.

if you want there is some free tools are available but those are only 30 days trail versions.

please find the below link http://www.cloud4j.com/report-builder-new-features.html

Harshit Garg 6Harshit Garg 6
If you want to do that through Schedule class.Please take a look on below link -

Link - https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/ForumsMain?id=906F00000008n0zIAA

If these solution is helpful for you..Please choose my ans as the best ans.

Harshit Garg
Thomas FolThomas Fol
You can use the Skyvia Data Loader to automatically send Salesforce reports in CSV format on schedule to FTP/SFT of file storages. It is freemium
Read here (https://skyvia.com/data-integration/salesforce-data-loader)