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Adeline MooreAdeline Moore 

Afraid of upcoming NA15 instance refresh to NA46?

I'm a self taught admin and we DO have a domain name. I'm having trouble understanding all the docments on this subject. How do i find out what Things we may have built that will require me to do something?
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Hi Adeline, there's no reason to be afraid. What fear do you have? When our instance refreshed, which it has done quite a few times, all we really have to be aware of is the 'hardcoded' domain references. We have one. When the refresh happens, we update the hardcoded reference, and are done. Using the domain name should solve those problems. Quick question, what installed or managed packages do you use?

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Adeline MooreAdeline Moore
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I'm afraid because I do not know if I have any hard coded domain references.

We have not set up My domain yet in Production instance I have tried it in sandbox to see if I can figure it out.

Is there a way to have someone more knowledgable to check our system a to see if we need to do anything other than set up my domain?

These are my packages:

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I'm not sure what type of support you've purchased, but based on your installed packages you should be OK to go. Hardcoded domains are in use if you have an external user logging into na15.salesforce.com and exchanging data that way. Other tools, such as ouside vendors of applications (none that you have installed), sometimes hardcode na15.salesforce.com. If login.salesforce.com is your usual point of entry, that will update to the correct instance.

Hope that helps.