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eswar R 1eswar R 1 

while using dataloader for date field I gave the date as today date which is 29 th april but system date is28 th april ,how to solve this issue ?

Maharajan CMaharajan C
Hi Eswar,

You have to change the date format in excel to show the correct data

Follow the below steps in your sheet.

-Right Click the date field column in sheet.
-choose the format cells
-choose the custom option then paste this format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ for your date format.
-then load the data. if you already done the load means please the update data's with the ID's.

Please let me know if it helps or not!!!

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Ankit Maheshwari 2Ankit Maheshwari 2
Hi Eswar,

If you want to date in salesforce then you need to formate the CSV file.

For this please check the Default Time Zone of your org from company information. Ex:- (GMT+05:00)

First formate the column as salesforce defined  YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ anf then follow the below step.

lets suppose your date column in excel is "A" then write a formula in column "B" =A:A-(5/24). and save the file then insert or If you inserted data then you can update date time with the help of Id of record.

Be sure If you have defauly time zone is in positive - Like (GMT+05:00) then you need to put formula as Negative like A:A-(5/24) and if you have time zone is in negative Like :- (GMT-05:00) then you need to put formula as Positive A:A+(5/24).

In case of any confusion please let me know.