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Does SF Trust website cover Visualforce domains?


As fas as I know, Visualforce pages are hosted on a seperate domain which name goes by <instance name>.c.visual.force.com. Recently, one org encountered a problem in which a very critical Visualforce page started throw "time limit exceeded" for all users, and whole operation came to a halt. After a while, the issue mysteriously disappeared, and VFP load times went back to their normal level.

I suspect that there was a problem with Salesforce VF servers (if such thing exists). When I check the said org's instance page in trust.salesforce.com, everything is green. However, I'm not sure if there were really an issue with VF servers and that would have been displayed in the trust page. Please correct me if I got the facts wrong and show me where I can consult when I encounter a mass VF problem.

Thanks in advance.