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Vamsee KaramchetiVamsee Karamcheti 

Password is not allowing '&' symbol for salesforce site

Hi Friends,

We have a salesforce site, If password contains '&' symbol it's not allowing user to login even though user enters correct password.

Can any one help me on this ...
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Vamsee,

As per the password policies '&' symbol is not allowed in order to set a password.Below are the special characters which are allowed to set up a password for a salesforce account.
  1.  !
  2. #
  3. $
  4. %
  5. -
  6. _
  7. =
  8. +
  9. <
  10. >
For more information on password policies please refer to the below link. Hope this helps.

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Vamsee KaramchetiVamsee Karamcheti
Hi Nagendra,

Thanks for detailed explaination. I have gone through provided URL and it's very usful.

I verified my org password Policies --> Password complexity requirement is "Must Mix with Alpha Numeric Characters". So I think there is no question about list of acceptable special charecters.