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Robert Robinson 17Robert Robinson 17 

Error: Could not find a properly routed case. Ensure that you've setup Omni-Channel correctly by following the requirements.

I accepted the case from the widget and left it open on the console. Am receiving this error, though all steps performed.
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Robert,
  1. In Routing Configurations> under Routing Settigs>Push Time-Out (seconds) value is null, but you set 120 seconds.
  2. App label=Omni-Channel Console, But you set it as Omni-Channel.
  3. Navigation Tab ItemsCases
  • Home
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Omni Supervisor
Check all conditions and set as above values.

Hope this helps.

Mark this as solved if it's resolved.

Umang ModiUmang Modi
Hi All,

Just wondering if you were able to fix the issue. I am facing the same issue.

Andre ThouinAndre Thouin

The correct answer is....

1-Under "Queue"=>"High-Priority Cases" => Ensure you have the routing configuration correctly set to: "H​igh-Priority Cases"

2-Save this setting.

3-Modify the Case to Owner = "YourName"

4-Set your status to "Available Cases" in omnichannel inbox (bottom left) - Green status is available

5-Modify the Case to  Queue= "High-Priority Cases"

6-You should receive the Case in your inbox

7-Click Accept and leave box open

8-Check your challenge to receive 500 points!



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Tuan Ho 8Tuan Ho 8
If you did all steps and received the case, then: Check the case itself if it has correct name of "Website is down", and NOT "Website is down."
I've lost an hour for this. If it 's correct then mark this as solved to help other.
Cindy HollenbergerCindy Hollenberger
It took me a long time to find it, but I had the wrong name in the Queu Settings > Config with Omni-Channel Routing. Clear Search results, and then click on the Developer Name for the High_Priority_Cases.
Chai NandulaChai Nandula
It took me over 2 hours, tried almost all the answers available on the web but my issue got fixed when I deactivated the Case Assignment rules ( default).
Udayakumar Chandrasekaran 5Udayakumar Chandrasekaran 5
I followed every step mentioned in the trailhead. After updating the status to Available - Case in omnichannel widget I changed the owner of case to high priority queue and didn't see anything coming up in the wizard.
Hernan LangerHernan Langer
Hi, i just solved the same issue by un-checking the box at: Routing Configurations > High-Priority Cases > Use with Skills-Based Routing Rules
The previos unit made u check it, thats why the notification never showed up in the omni-channel widget.
Hope it helps.
Steven Carter 16Steven Carter 16
It was that silly "." in the subject line that caused all my issues...thanks Tuan for the help!
Sagar Jamage 15Sagar Jamage 15
Hi, i just solved the same issue by un-checking the box at: Routing Configurations > High-Priority Cases > Use with Skills-Based Routing Rules
Renee Jackson 5Renee Jackson 5
I am getting the infamous error "could not find properly routed case". 
@Andre Thouin or anyone. How do you assign case to queue High-Priority Cases (5-Modify the Case to  Queue= "High-Priority Cases")?   I have checked that I met all of your previous steps.
Darlan MoreiraDarlan Moreira
I resolved the same problem with your sugestion.
Thanks Sagar Jamage 15
varun verma 66varun verma 66
I have having same issue and all previous suggestion has been done but problem not resolve