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approval process email alert firing twice upon the record approved


I created an approval process to send the record for approval based on some cretain conditions.
I created two email alets for final approval and rejection actions. All is working well but the record owner receving duplicate same email alerts once finance team approves/rejects the request. The issue started recently before it used to work perfectly fine.
I pulled a debug log file and observed that email laert is firing twice before and after the field update.
Any ideas why it's happening?
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Rakesh Thota 15Rakesh Thota 15
Hi rushiE,
  1. Could you please check if it is the same email they are receiving twice? or two different emails?
  2. Also, check if there is any workflow /trigger/process builder working on it? You can also check the debug logs and see what exactly is happening
Can you please check with users, and check the below link:

Best Regards,
Rakesh Thota. 

Hello Rakesh,

Thank you for the response.
The approval process stated that when it's approved/rejected it should send the notification to record owner.
I am receiving the duplicate emails when they are approved/rejected. I dont see any workflow/triggers working besides this rule
Above are the statements from the debug log.