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Karen Brown 39Karen Brown 39 

Create XML files and send https requests via Salesforce

Hello I am a salesforce administrator and we need salesforce to send realtime updates to update another system called FileMaker Pro.  The filemaker developer is asking the following;

"Filemaker 16 has been released now and comes with a super simple restful API where Salesforce can literally send a https request XML file and update or create records instantly in the Filemaker. The question is how to create XML files and send https requests via Salesforce – do you know, I can define the format for you? I ideally want it to run the request on save for example so any fields which filemaker needs it gets instantly.
This requires quite a bit of APEX expertise.

In simple terms, you can use a trigger to call filemaker api and post the data.

Here is a tutorial on how to make REST API calls:

Here is an article on how to create XML data:
or you can use my code to serialize object data to XML :

Try it on and let me know if you are stuck somewhere.
Karen Brown 39Karen Brown 39
Thank you. Is there another way some sort of connector that does not require a custom apex build, or will this type of integration always require a codded developer? Thanks
If the external application has an app exchange package, you don't have to go this route. Filemaker does not have an app for salesforce. So, only way to integrate is through APIs. Which require APEX developer.
Karen Brown 39Karen Brown 39
So what about an ODBC connector like would this require coding or could a salesforce admin set this up alongside a filemaker developer?
It seems like an option. From the documentation, filemaker has ability to add odbc sources.Filemaker developer can install this odbc driver and get data from salesforce. From salesforce side, you have to give them user credentials to connect (make it non expiring), give the object and field details. You don't have to do any development on your part. Devart has 30 day trial so it is worth trying.