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Tina Cancino 16Tina Cancino 16 

Case button in service cloud not visible in lightning

I am following trailhead using a non trail head develolper console and am not able to see the buttons on the right hand pane: as in the image in trailhaed 

'new case' 
close case'
change owner

Are these not available in lighting?
Nayana KNayana K
User-added image

On Case page layout => Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience actions => override predefined actions => save the layout.
Tina Cancino 16Tina Cancino 16
do you mean revert to saelsforfe 1 action defaults? i do not see the abillity to override predefined actions?
Nayana KNayana K
Yes, I was talking about Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience actions
Tina Cancino 16Tina Cancino 16
Thank You. Looks like the service cloud is the first step of setting up/configurations. The service cloud console is the 2nd step. I had to open the console to specific profiles in order to see the buttons.