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Trailhead Issue for Add Key Metrics to Evaluate Your Business


I am on wave trailhead "Add Key Metrics to Evaluate Your Business" , While I have done requisite for the trail I am getting below error 

"Could not find the correct dashboard state. Please verify the endpoint and results are correct." 
User-added image
I too am getting this.  I've verified the previous step and that my screen looks exactly like the screenshots.  Can a Trailhead guru please help point us?
I am getting the same error. I think it could be caused because I did not use a fresh DE org, as noted in the instructions. It states, "Even if you already have an Analytics-enabled Developer Edition org, sign up for a new one. The older orgs don’t get recently released features—signing up for a new one ensures that you get the latest and greatest. In some cases, you can’t complete the challenges without the new features."
I tried with a fresh DE org and ran into the same error message above. Can anyone help?
Stefanie BayerStefanie Bayer
Hi guys, check that you have only one Dashboard called Sales Performance. One is automatically created when you set up a the Sales Wave App. What worked for me was deleting the Sales Wave App (with the automatically created dashboard), then clone my original Sales Performance Dashboard - calling it again "Sales Performance" - and then (to stop further confusions) delete the old "Sales Performance" dashboard.
Scott Seithel 14Scott Seithel 14
I created my Dev Org yesterday so I know I have the latest updates in my org. I also have verified my labels are correct. However the challenge still fails. I deleted everything and started over and the challenge still fails. Any help would be appreciated.
Bareera NoorBareera Noor
I am having the same issue. I am using the new org that I created for this challenge and I am getting the same error message over and over again.
kevin Gamachekevin Gamache
This is still an issue with this Trailhead (wave_add_key_metrics_evaluate_business). Has anyone found a solution? I have tried Stefanie's solution but that made the issue even worse as then it couldn't even find the Dashboard at all.
Eeva IlamaEeva Ilama
I'm getting the same error message. Very frustrating.
venkata pedditivenkata pedditi
I am also getting the same error message.
I tried so many times from the scratch and not able to proceed further due to the error message.
Eeva IlamaEeva Ilama
I tried again yesterday and suddenly it just worked. Try signing out and in of everything or even rebooting your computer like I did and try again on another day, that seemed to fix the problem for me, not sure why.
Karyna Woods 37Karyna Woods 37
so is there a solution to this issue? I'm hitting this error (org created yesterday, brand new). There is no pre-built Sales Performance dash, so I created it with all the metrics in the module. Can anyone help with a solution? Thanks. 
Manuel Castro 12Manuel Castro 12
Hello, folks. I'd like to try to help you all get badged on this module. Here are some tips to try to fix the issue that you hit.
1) You must sign up for a new Analytics DE org for this module... even if you signed up for a different one for another module. This ensures that you have the right data. (From time to time, we have to change the data for particular cases.)

2) Ensure that the challenge is checking your Analytics DE org and not some other org. In the "Hands-On Challenge" section, look at the user name next to the "Launch" button. If it's not your DE org's user name, click the down arrow, select "Log Into a Developer Edition," and then enter the credentials of your DE org.

3) Verify the following:
a) There's only one dashboard called "Sales Performance." It's OK to have one with a similar name, like the "Sales Performance with Selectable Measures" dashboard. If you have multiple dashboards named as "Sales Performance," you must delete them all and start over. (Why? The challenge checks for the dashboard based on it's ID, which is generated from it's name. If you have multiple dashboards with the same name, the IDs are incremented and will not match the ID expected by the challenge.)
b) The dashboard is saved in "My Private App."
c) The step label for this new widget is "Lost Opp Amount."
d) The widget title is "Lost Opportunities."

4) Save your dashboard before you click "Check Challenge." The challenge validates the last saved version of your dashboard. 

If this doesn't help, let me know so we can work together to get your badged. 
kevin Gamachekevin Gamache
@manuel - The above had been mentioned before and I had taken those exact steps and started up a new Analytics DE account and only stepped through the modules needed to get to this one and I still received the same error that has been posted previously.
Karyna Woods 37Karyna Woods 37
@Manuel Castro, I'd love for you to help me. This is a blocker and I can't move past it. 

1. My Analytics is 4 days old, I have been trying to complete this badge since March 30. My challenge is checking correct org, it also gives me a relevant error which means it's checking the correct place. 
I followed the steps in the unit. 
  • I have Sales_Performance dashboard saved in My App. 
  • I have properly named widgets and steps. 
  • All filters are correct. 
Still getting this error "Could not find the correct dashboard state. Please verify the endpoint and results are correct. "

I deleted "Sales Performance with Selectable Measures" dashboard (which I cloned before and modified as well ) per your advice, but nothing seems to work. I've exhausted all options. 

User-added image
Manuel Castro 12Manuel Castro 12
@Kevin, send me your email address so I can try to help you troubleshoot this problem. Maybe I can poke around your org to try to find the issue. Note: I went through the module again and couldn't reproduce this issue. 
Manuel Castro 12Manuel Castro 12
@karyna, feel free to post your email address so I can help you troubleshoot. I'm hoping to find a consistent blocker so we can address this cause of this issue from our end. :)
Karyna Woods 37Karyna Woods 37
the wave org is registered under
Christian Eichhorn 8Christian Eichhorn 8

Dear all, I had the same problem like you all, the problem which I wound out is that there is already a "Sales Performance" Dashboard, so when you create a new Dashboard the (API)-Name can't be "Sales_Performance" and you will get an other Error.

So delete the original, from Salesforce installed "Sales Performance" Dashboard, create a new one as described form the #2 Step "Build Powerful Dashboards Quickly with Analytics" (one Module before), >>

When you than create a brand-new Dashboard, I'm sure you will pass.

Good Luck to all of you!

Thank you Manuel Castro 12 for your your support on that!!



Manuel Castro 12Manuel Castro 12
@Christian, glad you were able to resolve this issue. But I have a question for ya. Are you talking about the "Sales Performance with Selectable Measures" dashboard? Or was there another dashboard called "Sales Performance" that came with your new Analytics DE org? Thank you for replying.
Karyna Woods 37Karyna Woods 37
@christian, when you don't have a dashboard at all and check the challenge, it throws an error saying "Cant find Sales Performance dashboard with API name Sales_Performance". The previous unit of the trail is asking to create a Sales Dashboard using a template, which is what we all do. 
Karyna Woods 37Karyna Woods 37
User-added image
Manuel Castro 12Manuel Castro 12
@Karyna, please confirm that you are logged into your DE org in the HOC section of the unit. You should see your username If you are logged in to this org and you don't mind, can you delete all dashboards with name "Sales Performance" and then create a new dashboard and the Lost Opportunities widget? 
Karyna Woods 37Karyna Woods 37
@Manuel, yes, I'm logged into a correct org. I have done "delete and re-create" about 5 times now, and I can do it again today. Same error that started this whole conversation pops up. It's getting frustrating, but I can do it again and again. 
Manuel Castro 12Manuel Castro 12
I'm sorry for the trouble. If you want, can you send me your email address so I can get your login/password to your DE org. I can help troubleshoot your org for you. :)
Manuel Castro 12Manuel Castro 12
I want to unblock you all and also ensure that others can pass this challenge without a hitch. If you'd like for me to troubleshoot your issues with the "Analytics Dashboard Building Basics" module challenges, please email me at I can help with this module only. :) 
Matt Collins 22Matt Collins 22

I had the same issue with this module, I created a new developer org and made sure I only have one sales performance dashboard and was still getting the error.

I found the issue with mine which was the Open Pipeline step was not labeled correctly thus giving it an incorrect ID, so once i deleted the dashboard started again and Labelled each step correctly as follows:

Open Opp Amount
Won Opp Amount 
Lost Opp Amount

It worked for me. Hope this helps somepone get past this issue.


Christian Eichhorn 8Christian Eichhorn 8
Dear all,
do the fact, that several Trailhead Users had an issue with that Module, I contacted Salesforce and Manuel Castro 12 helped me on that, and I passed, I also posted my help to you 3 days ago, as seen above.

Looks like that didn’t really helped you all, so here my update for you, I started the Module with a brand new Analytics Login today (9th of April), which I recommend to all of you and here my notes to you:
  1. Salesforce was so kind and updated the Description on the previous Module “Build Powerful Dashboards Quickly with Analytics” > Thank you!
  2. Everythink works as described, with a brand new Analytics Login > tested on 9th of April
We all hate cheaters, but we also hate not passing a Trailhead Module, when we think that all we did was correct, therefor I recorded the whole session and uploaded it to a NON Listed Youtube video > / R57Jb8xXhGY

Good luck all of you.

PS:So only Persons who are looking for that error Code will end up at this Dev.Page, so I hope this Youtube link will not spread out into the world, it should help users and not help to cheat, otherwise I can delete it on Salesforce request.
Karyna Woods 37Karyna Woods 37

yay!!! I passed through that one. Now, I'm getting this error when I try to go through "Add Selectors That Allow Users to Filter the Dashboard
Results" module.

 User-added image

Analytics encountered a problem with this step [Opportunity_Owner_1].
The data required to execute the query is temporarily unavailable. Please retry the request at a later time.

User-added image

my username:
Can someone help?
Tani Long 3Tani Long 3
I am trying to complete Add Selectors That Allow Users to Filter the Dashboard Results  module and have encountered this error:

There was an unhandled exception. Please reference ID: FJCNTKML. Error: Faraday::ClientError. Message: 550: Value [{sqrtScale=false, showTitle=true, showAxis=true, referenceLines=[{color=rgb(0, 161, 224), label=Quota $22.5M, value=22500000}, {color=rgb(0, 161, 224), value=0}], title=Total Amount, customDomain={showDomain=false}}] for field [parameters] can't be downgraded to API version 39.0.

My org was brand new today.  I haven't encountered any of the previously mentioned issues. Any ideas?
Christian Eichhorn 8Christian Eichhorn 8
Dear all,
I posted on April 9, 2018 (above) a small how-to info, did you checked that before?
When you start on a new Analytics Org. there might be already a „Sales Performance“ Dashboard, which you should delete, before createing a new Dashboard. After that, just follow the instructions on the Trailhead or read my post, that there shouldn’t be a Problem since I just passted these days.
Good Luck!
@Christian, I cant delete the original dashboard, "Can't delete this Dashboard because it's referenced in link widgets used in other dashboards."
So I rename it to "Sales Performance Test".
Still see the same error.
Christian Eichhorn 8Christian Eichhorn 8
Trailhead checks the "Salesforce Performance" Label and the API Name "Salesforce_Performance": where I had an error two, when I deleted all and created a brand new Dashboard it worked form the first until the last Module.

See here, this is how I started, no "Salesforce Performance" - you have to create a brand new one.

User-added image
I create new EA DE org and manage to pass the module, thanks...!
Manuel Castro 12Manuel Castro 12
I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about this thread. I'm knee deep in work this week. I'll get back to you all next week if you are still experiencing issues. I appreciate those who are helping out. 
Divakar B 7Divakar B 7
I am unable to delete the old dashboard "Sales Performance". Getting the below error.
"Can't delete this Dashboard because it's referenced in link widgets used in other dashboards."
Pierre FontanaPierre Fontana

I have the same error. Tried starting from a fresh developer org, deleting and re-creating the dashbaord,... (read all suggestions in this thread), but no success :-( I suspect the issue is from a previous step (as @Christian), but have no clue how to nail it down.

Any clue ?
Thank you in advance


my username:

User-added image

Tawfiq Nasser 4Tawfiq Nasser 4
im having the same issue. im pretty sure i followed all the instruction but still keep getting the error. i even have the same exact number they have on the instructions.
Manuel Castro 12Manuel Castro 12
Thanks for being patient. Here's what we at Salesforce are doing to unblock you on this module.
  • Short-term fix: We're going to replace the challenges in units 2, 4, and 6 with multiple-choice quizzes. I'll let you know when we do this. I hope to make this change this month. To get your badge, you'll need to complete the quizzes for all units in this module.
  • Long-term fix: We'll fix the validation code used in these challenges. Currently, we're trying to figure out why only certain users are blocked. If you'd like to help us troubleshoot, please email me your login for your Analytics DE org. My email address is I'll respond to each of you individually, letting you know if I find any problems with your dashboard/org. If I missed your email previously, I apologize--please resend. Note: I can only help you on this module. :)
Manuel Castro 12Manuel Castro 12
FIXED. Thank you all for your patience. First, I want to apologize for the bad experience completing the challenges for the "Analytics Dashboard Building Basics" module. We've implemented our short-term solution, which is to replace the challenges in this module with multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Please go back to module and complete the new MCQs to earn your badge. Happy trails!