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Susan SwaffieldSusan Swaffield 

server error encountered: 500 server error

Our external dataloader has suddenly started experiencing the connection service error: 500 server error.    Is there any way we can access information to identify what the real error is?
Rakesh Thota 15Rakesh Thota 15
Hi Susan,

You would give dataloader.io a try (free, just type dataloader.io in a browser).  In many situations, the error reporting is better, and in some situations, dataloader.io can process without an error where the Apex Data Loader fails.


Data Loader only supports files with up to 5 Million records, that could be the cause of this issue. you would try and seperate the data and try it again.

Try: Why not split to 2 files and load from 2 machine?

Hope this code will help you to fix your issue. make it solved if its works for you.

Best Regards,
Rakesh thota.

Nilotpal RoyNilotpal Roy
Which Data Loader you are using? Please mention the name of the Data Loader.
Few tips
1. Check the server host
2. Check your instance
3. Check if your network is using a proxy
4. Check network connectivity or local machine issues

Nilotpal Roy