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Ahmed AbdelhamedAhmed Abdelhamed 

how can i put calendar in Visualforce to make calculation inside it

how can i put calendar in Visualforce to make  calculation inside it 
Rakesh Thota 15Rakesh Thota 15
Hi Ahmed,

Can you please elaborate the requirement. so accordingly, i will try to give some inputs to clear it off.

Best Regards,
Rakesh Thota.
Ahmed AbdelhamedAhmed Abdelhamed
Hallo Rakesh thota ,
i would like to make a table  to put all the date of the month inside it column . the other column  i  wanan to put inside it  start time and the therd one i wanna to put inside it the end time.
so if a person click  on start time 1/01/2017 at 10:00 am  until end time   4 /01/2017  2:00 pm . i would like to know how many hours he spend .

thanks for your helping :)