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sandip beherasandip behera 

Unable to make a custom field of type date readonly .

I changed to readonly in Field Accessibility and Set Field-Level Security setting of that field. But still I can edit that field
User is Sys Admin. Can anyone explain what I need to do.
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Sandeep,

I assume your profile is System Administrator so you can edit the field in the page layout. 

Can you check users with Non- Admin profile?

Make sure 'Edit Read Only Fields' is unchecked for non-admin profile otherwise they can edit the field even it is marked as read-only in the page layout.

Below is the navigation for the same:

Your Name ---> Setup --->  Administration Setup ---> Manage Users ---> Profiles ---> Click on the Profile name for which you want to remove 'Edit Read Only Fields' permission ---> System  Permissions

Here click 'Edit' button and uncheck 'Edit Read Only Fields' permission.

Hope this helps.

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