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Karla Pliego 3Karla Pliego 3 

Need formula for Workflow Rule

I'm trying to create a formula where if a value is changed (the commision side amount), then the WF will trigger. The listing commission will always have a value, I want to WF to trigger if the value changes at any given time. Not when it's blank, not when its null or when it's filled, only if it changes from one value to another. 

I also need this only to trigger if the Broker representation field is SELLER or Double side. 

These are the api values: 

Listing Commission that changes: Listing_Side_Commission__c
Broker represenation: rethink3__Broker_Representation__c

This is what I wrote and got errors: 

ISCHANGED( Listing_Side_Commission__c ),


ISPICKVAL( rethink3__Broker_Representation__c, "SELLER"),

ISPICKVAL( rethink3__Broker_Representation__c, "Double sided")))

I started writing the formula and got an error message that ISCHANGE cannot be used, any ideas on how I can build this? 

Karla Pliego 3Karla Pliego 3
Broker represenattion is a pikclist value and the listing commission is a number value
Maharajan CMaharajan C
Hi Karla,

In the Workflow when you set the Evaluation criteria as created, and any time it's edited to subsequently meet criteria  means the ISCHANGE function dont work.

ISCHANGE Function only works in Evaluation criteria  as "created and every time it's edited" in Workflow.

Change the Evaluation Criteria then it will Work.

Can you please Let me know if it works or not!!!

If it works don't forget to mark this as a best answer!!!

Maharajan CMaharajan C
Can you please Let me know did you try this and if it works or not!!!

If it works don't forget to mark the best answer which will help others!!!