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Nissim LevyNissim Levy 

Verify Step button is always disabled

Hi. I am new to Salesforce.I am doing a tutorial, but when I finish a section the "verify Step" button is always disabled. How do I enable it?
Rakesh Thota 15Rakesh Thota 15
Hi Nissim,

I think you have not linked your developer org to Trailhead. Link your developer org then the verify step button will be enabled to verify the unit.

Rakesh Thota.
hi Nissim Levy,
it's heppning because you don't have link your developer org OR any other salesforce org with trailhead.
follow below steps to connect your developer org with trailhead to enable verify step button
User-added image
click on the line [highlight in red box]
User-added image
select one option :
* you can crate a Treailhead playground account or
* link your developer org. with trailhead [recommend]
User-added image
now click on the launch your hands on org dropdown and select your linked org.
and click on the launch your hands on org button, it will be open your linked salesforce org. where you can do your challenge steps and verify them
Now Verify step button will be enable
User-added image

if it helps you, closed your query with choosing best answer so it make proper solution for others in future
thanks [sfdcmonkey.com]