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Is it possible to provide login credential to user through salesforce app

Hi Experts,
I am creating an app (through point and click), in which user gets register. Is it possible to give login credential to user through this app so s/he can acces the app or I need to create user only from Standard Admin> User Management to provide login to my salesforce app. Please help.
Shruti SShruti S
If an outsider wants access to the App created by the Admin, the Admin will have to create new users within the same Org so that the users can get access to the Org.
Nilotpal RoyNilotpal Roy
You can create a Custom Permission and add it to Permission Set, which gives user to access custom apps.
Nilotpal Roy
sales force 48sales force 48
Hi Abhishek Cdac,

Please use the logic for sending an email from where the registration is been implemented .