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Sankar GaneshSankar Ganesh 

Formula for look up relation

Hai, I have two object named Employee and visit, here Employee is a lookup. In Employee I have one field called job time and in Visit the field name is last visit(both fields are in number type). I need to poulate the value of job time in last visit.how should I do that someone tells me use formula type with same name and return type as number.I do the same using formula type but I can't get the result I wanted.What should I do?

Hi Sankar,

From the senario I can suggest two solution. 
1. Create a formula field to get the Job Time value in Employee, then create a workflow to update the Last Visit with the formula field value.
2. Create a trigger to update the field Job Time.

Subas Mallick

Medhya MahajanMedhya Mahajan
Hi Sankar, 

If you have a lookup of Employee on Visit, that would make employee your parent and a formula should work for you. 

Find below screen shots I created to replicate your scenario. 

1. Create a formula field with return type number and formula as shown.
User-added image

2. I created a new Visit ( Parent ) Record.

User-added image

3. I created a new Employee ( Child ) Record and the value was updated automatically.

User-added image

In case, you scenario is the other way round ( ie you need to get the value of parent on child, then process builder is the correct choice for you.

Please let me know if you are facing any issues and I can help you with the same.

Mark solved if this resolves your issue.

Medhya Mahajan