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Vignesh Murugesan 1Vignesh Murugesan 1 

Approval process - Manager of record creator

Dear Developers,

I am new to salesforce. I am facing a trouble in creating approval process steps.
I have a custom manager field for every user lets say "Field A".
While creating standard approval process i am selecting the next automated approver as "Field A".
In approval steps, i have an intermediate review before submitting to "Field A" approver.
Hence in step 1 i am selecting a common user as approver for all the requests.
Based on Step 1's approval action, i want next approver to be the "Field A" of actual record submitter. 
But the current situation is that it is looking the "Field A" of approver at step1 as it is showing "Field A of record submitter" but it should be "record creator". Please guide me to achieve it.