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Callum CurtissCallum Curtiss 

Data loader export companies

Hi there,

I have a list of companies from a database on our website which are also in our salesforce (2400 of them).  I need to get their company ideas from salesforce using the export function on dataloader.io.  I obviously don't want to go through on the export screen and select every single one of the 2,400 companies using the filter as this will take forever (please see the screen shot below for a visual).  I'm wondering if there is a quick way I can get dataloader to recognise the 2,400 I want the ids for (I have a CSV file with all the companies from our website).  I hope this makes sense

User-added image

Thanks in advance,

Keyur  ModiKeyur Modi
Hi callum,

There are three diffrent appoach you can try

Approach 1 :- Instead if data loader use Salesforce stadard report , what you can do with report is, create report for company and you can export that report in CSV. 
Reference :- https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=reports_export.htm

Approach 2 :- IF you want to do it throfuh dala loader then , image which you shared there is one boc named "SOQQL Query" where you can write your query like SELECT id,Name FROM Company__c if you are using standard account object then you can write your query like "SELECT id,Name From Account" then it will give you list of company name with salesforce id in CSV.

Approach 3 :- you can do same thing through workench. there also you have to write SOQL query and then you need to retrive that with buk CSV option.

But as user Approach 1 will be easy to implement.

Please try above approach and let me know if you need more help.

Keyur Modi