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Sonam PatilSonam Patil 

Deploy Package in Sandbox Using the ANT Migration Tool

Can Please anyone help me to deploy the package in the Sandbox using ANT tool.
This Package Contains classes, email, Object, Profole, triggers, workflows, destructiveChangesPost.xml, destructiveChangesPre.xml, Package.xml.
These 9 items  in a package should be deployed.
Anyone please help.

Thanks in advance
Ankit SehgalAnkit Sehgal
Use  workbench to deploy the package.
Use winzip to creae a zip file containing all these files and upload it to this link 

You will have to login into workbench using sandbox.
Ankit SehgalAnkit Sehgal

If you have already configured the package and retrieved the files then open the command line and go to the folder where build.properties and build.xml files are located and simply run the "ant deployUnpackaged" command. The actual deploy command depends on you build.xml.

You need to have Java and ANT environment variables set up before executing those commands.