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Jamie GossenJamie Gossen 

Correcting an error on an Insert of data with data Loader

I did an insert of usage to product subscriptions and the invoice date was wrong. I need to correct the invoice date on all the usages that created. I tried to do an upsert using the same info in which I inserted with and only changed the invoice date but it created a duplicate record. I was able to delete those records but I still can't figure out how to change the invoice date. I can't even delete the records. I need an ID but the ID number i pull is missing 3 letters at the end so it isn't working. Can someone walk me through what i need to do?
3 Creeks3 Creeks
If you did an insert using Dataloader then the success file created by dataloader will have the Salesforce ID in it for all of the records created during the insert.

Copy the success file from the original load to a new file name, correct the date in the new copy of the success file, and then use that file to do an update not an upsert.
Jamie GossenJamie Gossen
It worked! Thanks! Thanks, Jamie J