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Kristin Cecil 7Kristin Cecil 7 

Have visual force page that I need to add as a related list on the Contact page and hover link as well

We are trying to limit who can see what activities since Salesforce does not give us the ability to accomplish this with Sharing Rules and OWD settings.  We have a visual force page that limits this data already, but we are wondering if we can have this display in the related list section of the contact page layout versus just adding it as a regular section to the page layout and if so...can we have this added as a hover link at the top of the contact page like the other related list links.
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Kristin,

Please find the below post from the developer community which answers your question appropriately which also have some code samples regarding the same.


Please mark this as best solution if it helps.

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Kristin Cecil 7Kristin Cecil 7
Thanks and I had already found this information. I was wondering if Salesforce had any other or additional recommendations on this issue. Thanks. Kristin Cecil