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Daniel TedescoDaniel Tedesco 

Force.com Site DNS

Hi Everybody!

I have a question I hope somebody can give me some help with. If we build a site on Force.com, and have registered a domain name on Godaddy, how do I setup the name servers to the visiting public only sees http://www.oursite.com, instead of http://www.oursite.force.com?

So far we've followed directions we found that says to to create a site, domain and custom URL in Salesforce. Then on Godaddy, we created a CNAME record which points to "ourdomain.our18characterOrgId.live.siteforce.com", which does work if you were to type in www.mysite.com.

The problem is, that this only works as a forward, because we still see http://www.oursite.force.com in the browser address bar, instead of just http://www.oursite.com.

From my understanding of how this needs to work (please correct me if I'm wrong), Force.com would have to be the domain registrar in order for us to achieve the desired results.

Is it  possible to transfer our domain to Force.com, or is there some other way to achieve the results we're looking for?

Any feedback, will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you :-)

Daisy ScottDaisy Scott
Hi Daniel,
No, we can't change Force.com from domain name, we have to take custom domain. There are many DNR where you can refer this custom domain like Go Daddy, Big Rock....

Hope this is helpful ;)

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