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Amy S. OplingerAmy S. Oplinger 

Trailhead Mod: Automate Pre-Workshop Tasks with Flow Error

I am being shown an error on this mod, eventhough the flow/pb did as it was supposed to. Please advise. (I do not wish to open yet another dev org.)
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Amy S. OplingerAmy S. Oplinger
FYI- There are only two contacts in the account, and they were added as campaign members. 
Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann
Hello Amy,

Could you please take a screenshot of your Process, the Flow, and each element? We'll see if we can try to fix it instead of getting another DE.

Michal KaparMichal Kapar
I had same problem, and then i did everything again in previous Automate Pre-Workshop Tasks with Process Builder and then this module was SUCCESS, maybe you have different check then just only Campaign members and Contacs on Accounts, because it's was working before for me with different Account and Contacts and i didnt change nothing in Flow or Process Builder and after i created User, Public Group a Account with that name and two contact its was Success and give me that 50 points.