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Anjali Sharma 87Anjali Sharma 87 

PDF generate

Hi All,

I have one visualforce page and controller. Visualforce page have some fields in which user enters a value and save the records. Now when a user click on save button the records is save to the object and the pdf is also generated for the same and attached to notes and attachment for the same object. Please help me i am stuck.

Can you post your code and tell us what exactly is the issue?
vishnu Rvishnu R
hi anjali,

saving the record and generating the pdf .....you can achieve it but..making the pdf as attachment is some thimg different as notes and attachments is different from documents .
check this links ....

http://blog.jeffdouglas.com/2010/04/28/uploading-an-attachment-using-visualforce-and-a-custom-controller/ (http://salesforcetrekbin.blogspot.in/2010/04/visualforce-file-upload-for-any-sobject.html)


hpope this hepls you.....

Anjali Sharma 87Anjali Sharma 87
i have ine visualforce page and controller my requirement is  when we click on button one visualforce page will open and on visualforce page we have button save when we click the button record will save and at the same time we want to save the records in pdf form in notes of attachment of same object.
Anjali Sharma 87Anjali Sharma 87
I already tried the same thing @Vishnu but not able to as per the requirement