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lightning Experience Specialist challenge 8

error in challenge 8.unable to import data User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Ravali,

Please find the solution below for your problem.

I'm using the when importing: 

1)Downloaded the Superbadge-Lightning-Import.xlsx( and split it up/converted into Explorers.csv( , Adventures.csv( andOpportunitiesWAdventures.csv(
2)Insert Explorers from Explorers.csv. 
  • Since Opportunities contains Adventure Package which contains a lookup to Explorer and the Adventure I figured the easiest would be to start inserting the Explorers.csv. Before inserting the Explorer.csv I had to split the Full Name column into First name and Last name to match the Explorer-object's Firstname and Lastname column. 
3)Insert Adventures from Adventures.csv
  • Before importing Adventure.csv I removed the Explorer column since it was empty and I also cleaned up the data in the Description column cause it contained commas and was interfering.
4)Insert Price Book Entry from Adventures.csv
  • The Adventures has to be in the Price Book to be able to be added to an Adventure Package. Therefore I added a column in the called PricebookID and added the Pricebook ID of the Standard Price Book to the rows. 
  1. Mapped field:
  • Adventure Name - Adventure (Lookup via Adventure Name)
  • List Price - List Price
  • Active (Adventure) - Active
  • Pricebookid - Price Book ID
5)Insert Opportunities from OpportunitiesWAdventures.csv. 
  1. Mapped fields:
  • Close Date - CloseDate, 
  • Opportunity Name - Name
  • Probability (%) - Probability
  • Quantity - TotalOpportunityQuantity
  • Stage - StageName
6)Insert Opportunity Contact Role from OpportunitiesWAdventures.csv
  1. Mapped Fields
  • Opportunity Name to Opportunity ID(Lookup via  Name) 
  • Explorer to Explorer (Lookup via Full Name)
7)Insert Adventure Package from OpportunitiesWAdventures.csv
  • Added new column for Adventure Name in OpportunitiesWAdventures.csv and added the Adventure name (contained as a part in the Opportunity Name column) to all the rows. 
  1. Mapped Fields: 
  • Opportunity Name - Opportunity ID(Lookup via Name)
  • Adventure Name - Price Book Entry ID (Lookup via Adventure Name)
  • Explorer - Explorer (Lookup via Full Name)
This has worked perfectly in my org to surpass the challenge,hope you should get away with the challenge by following the above steps.

Please mark this as best answer if it's resolved.

Best Regards,
Hi Nagendra,
                     I am facing problem while importing on price book entry object .It is displaying 3 errors and the error are displayed in the following screenshot. "User-added imageERROR: insufficient access rights on cross-reference id "
Gyanender Singh 30Gyanender Singh 30
Hi Nagendra,

I followed the same steps as mention above but still i am facing the issue.

User-added image

Please let me know how can i remove this error.

Gyanender Singh
I am facing a issue when inserting adventures into PRODUCT2, how do i map product name as it is required to what ??
Matheus Antonio da SilvaMatheus Antonio da Silva
Hi Nagendra, how's it going?
I'm stuck at the 4th step. I tried everything, but I didn't get it.

I've already verified the "Field-level Security" both profile and object. It simply doesn't display lookup fields that I need, such as "PricebookId" and "Adventure". Do you have any idea how can I go forward? Just to make it clear I'm trying to import "Adventures.csv" in "Adventure (Product2) by upserting, not by inserting. Eitherway, both ways weren't working.

Looking at this picture right above you can notice that there's no another field to select in the picklist. 

Could you please help me to get this done?

Best Regards,

Lucas FreitasLucas Freitas
I tried to follow Nagendra's tutorial and was unsuccessful. I have the same mistake as the others.
Prafull Jain 1Prafull Jain 1
To Solve  this error                        User-added image 

you need to edit Nagendra  OpportunitiesWAdventure.csv and add Opportunity Id from your org into Opportunity name as well as Explorer Id to resolve Opportunity Contact Role error. 

For Opportunity Contact Role

OpportunityWAdventures.csv (

Lindsey Lee HohengartenLindsey Lee Hohengarten
@Nagendra This STUPID badge has been haunting me for MONTHS. Your breakdown helped me figure out what I was doing wrong with the price book to FINALLY be able to move on to the last challenge. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!