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Daniel TedescoDaniel Tedesco 

Need help with Force.com DNS

Hi everybody!

I have a question I hope somebody can give me some help with. We have built a site on Force.com, and have registered a domain name on Godaddy, how do I setup the name servers so the visiting public only sees http://www.oursite.com, instead of http://www.oursite.force.com?

So far we've followed directions we found that say to to create a site, domain and custom URL in Salesforce. Then on Godaddy, we created a CNAME record which points to "oursite.our18characterOrgId.live.siteforce.com", which does work if you were to type in www.oursite.com.

The problem is, this does not work if somebody doesn't put the www in front of the url.

From my understanding of how this needs to work (please correct me if I'm wrong), on Godaddy I'd have to create an A record on Godaddy that ponits to salesforce, which I'm not able to do because an A record requires an IP address, not a domain.

Any feedback, will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you :-)
Saravanan @CreationSaravanan @Creation
Hi Daniel,

Go through the below link. I hope this will answer your question


Daniel TedescoDaniel Tedesco
Thank you for the response, but the link you provided is not working.

Saravanan @CreationSaravanan @Creation
Sorry for that , check the below link

Daniel TedescoDaniel Tedesco
Thank you for the link, but unfortunately that thread and the information referenced does not address my specific question and issue.

I've read many help articles and watched many how-to-videos over the past weeks, they all reference creating a CNAME, but this does not cover the scenerio for when a user simply types ourdomain.com, without the www.

What have we done so far?
  • We have created a CNAME on Godaddy that points to "oursite.our18characterOrgId.live.siteforce.com".
  • When when a user types "www.ourdomain.com" or "http://www.ourdomain.com" they are properly directed to our Force.com site.
  • This all works perfectly.
What is our outstanding issue?
  • Typing the URL without the WWW
  • If somebody types "ourdomain.com" or "http://ourdomain.com" without the WWW they are NOT directed to our Force.com site.
  • This does not work.
We appreciate any feedback that can be provided, thank you!