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Vignesh Murugesan 1Vignesh Murugesan 1 

Workflow rules entry criteria

Hi Friends,

I am facing some condition with workflow rule.
I have a workflow trigger "Evaluate the rule when a record is created, and any time it's edited to subsequently meet criteria" with condition as one of the flag field = 1. By default the value is 0. 
1. When i create a record it will not trigger as the flag is 0.
2. Im changing the flag to 1 from approval process initial submission action.
3. So the workflow executes the below. 
    3.1 Update XX field.
    3.2 Update above field back to 0.
4. Once the first approval step is complete, i am flipping back the flag to 1.
Expected result : Workflow to trigger.
Actual result : Workflow is not triggering eventhough the condition is true.
Apoorv Saxena 4Apoorv Saxena 4

Hi Vignesh,

Could you post a screenshot or complete details of the criteria you are using to trigger the workflow, so that I may be able to help you.

Vignesh Murugesan 1Vignesh Murugesan 1
Hi Apoorv, 

Thanks for your response.
I finally fixed the issue by making following adjustments.
In step 3.2 i checked "Re-evaluvate workflows" option at field update and it is working as expected now.