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Gautam Kumar 63Gautam Kumar 63 

Populate PickList data with custom field

Hi All,

It's my first post on salesforce community .Brand new in salesforce .

I want to populate picklist data from custom field .

I Created one custom object City and City name is field just create some record  .
Now i want to populate city name inside picklist .Is there any way to do this without code .

Thanks in advance !!

Edwin VijayEdwin Vijay
I guess you would need to write apex code. What is the scenario you are trying to address?

This might give you an idea of working with picklists in visualforce page - link (http://www.forcetree.com/2009/06/dynamically-add-values-to-picklist.html)
Gautam Kumar 63Gautam Kumar 63
Thanks for reply .
I have two custom object State and City where CityName and StateName are field in custom object and i want to bind these cityname and statename in two diffrent picklist then when you select statename ,city realted to state will display in second picklist .Which i want to do through without code .

I am trying through point and click .While i am trying to create a picklist i can fill record mannually  with line break .But i just want to populate the data from custom object .
Please suggest .