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Nagarjuna Reddy NandireddyNagarjuna Reddy Nandireddy 


Hi all,
I have an opportunity object record.
in that record when the field is updated i want sent a mail within 10min/10min.
I don't need trigger. i want solution by using admin part.

please help me for this.

Nagarjuna Reddy Nandireddy
karthikeyan perumalkarthikeyan perumal

Use workflow rule or process builder to send email when the Opp is updated. 

Go to work flow rule or process builder, 

Select the Opp object 

and select the criteria created and edited the record. 

add the immediate action " Email alert" 

the activate the rule. 

its should trigger email when the record updated. 

Mark best Answer its its clear 

buggs sfdcbuggs sfdc

create a workflow rule that fires in less than one hour, you have to trick Salesforce.
First, on the object that you need the workflow on, create a new custom formula field that evaluates to a Date/Time value.  I called my field Trigger Time 05, meaning that it’s a time trigger that I use to fire a workflow in 5 minutes.
What Trigger Time 05 actually does is saves a Date / Time value to your record that is 55 minutes in the past.  If you save your record at 3:00 pm, the value in Trigger Time 05 will be 3:05 pm.
The formula for Trigger Time 05 = (Now() – 0.038)
Then, you write a Time Based Workflow rule that fires 1 hour after Trigger Time 05.  So, one hour after a time 55 minutes ago… is 5 minutes from now!
If you have multiple time intervals you need workflows to fire at, you’ll need to create multiple Trigger Time formula fields, like Trigger Time 05, Trigger Time 15, Trigger Time 30, etc.
I have found that the time intervals that the workflow rules aren’t exactly five minutes, but they are pretty close.
As with many of the other custom formula fields I’ve mentioned on this blog, you’ll want to make this field accessible to all users, but don’t put it on any page layouts.
Here’s a chart that shows the value you’ll need to subtract from Now() for each 5 minute interval.

For more info please check the below URL :--
Apoorv Saxena 4Apoorv Saxena 4
Hi Nagarjuna,

You dont need a trigger for this, this can be achieved through a simple Workflow Rule.

Create a new workflow rule
Select the object(in your case Opportunity) to which this workflow rule applies.
In Evaluation Criteria , set when you want this workflow to fire.
Specify the criteria that should meet in order to execute your workflow.
Then Add Workflow action : Email Alert, under Immediate Workflow Actions section.

This is will send the email as soon as the criteria you specified is met.

Please let me know if this helps!