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sagar patil 13sagar patil 13 

Set Standard field 'Name' value automatically by code or formula field or workflow

Custom Object Name=CaseConfig__c
Fields of CaseConfig__c

Name of CaseConfig__c should be automatically set by concatenating Names of product & SRType Object.
User will fill values of product & SrType only. value of Name Field of CaseConfig__c should be generated automatically.on insert or update
Hi Sagar Patil 13,

I have written a Trigger, Check it. Let me know if anything wrong

trigger CaseConfiguration on CaseConfig__c (before insert,before update) {
    Set<Id> ProductId = new Set<Id>();
    Map<Id, String> ProductMap = new Map<Id, String>();
    Set<Id> SRTypeId = new Set<Id>();
    Map<Id, String> SRTypeMap = new Map<Id, String>();
    for(CaseConfig__c cas : Trigger.New){ 
    for(CaseConfig__c cas1 : Trigger.New){ 
     SRTypeId.add(cas1 .SRType__c);
    for(Product__c pro : [Select Name from Product__c where Id IN : ProductId]){
        ProductMap.put(pro.Id, pro.Name);
    for(SRType__c sr : [Select Name from SRType__c where Id IN : SRTypeId ]){
        SRTypeMap.put(sr.Id, sr.Name);
    for(CaseConfig__c cascon : Trigger.New){
        cascon.Name = ProductMap.get(cascon.Product__c) +'  '+ SRTypeMap .get(cascon.SRType__c);

Thanks & Regards