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Jonathan Osgood 3Jonathan Osgood 3 

No matter how many of these I do...

Hi All,

Formula syntax time. Here's the attempt:

AND(NOT(ISPICKVAL(StageName, 'Closed Won'))),
(NOT(ISPICKVAL(StageName, 'Closed Lost'))),
DATEVALUE([Opportunity].CloseDate) -Today() >30 )

The error: The formula expression is invalid: Syntax error. Extra ','

Also, I feel like this criteria should be easier to setup in process builder. The oppprtunity stage criteria is easy enough, but not the "30 days past created date part". Am I missing something there?

Nayana KNayana K
AND(NOT(ISPICKVAL(StageName, 'Closed Won')),
NOT(ISPICKVAL(StageName, 'Closed Lost')),
(DATEVALUE(CloseDate) -Today()) >30 )

this may work