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Saikiran KolliSaikiran Kolli 

Rendered problem


I'm having a student page with status field(drop down)- active , inactive , onhold.

If the status is inactive or onhold it must display activate student button

            <apex:commandButton oncomplete="j$('#succToastMsg').text('Student activated successfully, please continue with subjects');j$('.slds-notify_container').show();j$('#stuActModal').addClass('slds-fade-in-open');j$('.slds-backdrop').addClass('slds-backdrop--open');" value="Activate Student" action="{!acticeStudent}" rendered="{(!Student__c.Status__c == 'On Hold') || (!Student__c.Status__c == 'Inactive') && (!inactiveConfirmation)  && (!doPaymentConfirmation)}" rerender="op,htt,contSubjsOP" status="status"/> 

I written above line but its not working.

If the changed the  rerendered to  rendered="{!Student__c.Status__c == 'Inactive'  && !inactiveConfirmation  && !doPaymentConfirmation}" then its working for inactive.
It must also work for onhold status. Please help me.
ram kiran verma gottumukklaram kiran verma gottumukkla
I did something similar :
{!( ATS_Contracts__c.Revised_Amount_Standard_Contract__c > 150000.00 || ATS_Contracts__c.Revised_Amount_Call_Task_Order__c > 150000 ) && NOT(ISBLANK(ATS_Contracts__c.Contract_Award_Date__c))}

you want this :
{!(Student__c.Status__c == 'Inactive' || Student__c.Status__c == 'On Hold'  ) && !inactiveConfirmation  && !doPaymentConfirmation}