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Steve Berley [Left Propeller]Steve Berley [Left Propeller] 

determining user who made change listed in a history table entry

I'm working on a task where I need to analyze the changes users have made to lead and account data.  Querying and analyzing their respective history tables is easy.  However, I'm stuck on how to associate the changes with the corresponding user.

Any suggestions?

Grace Patiño PérezGrace Patiño Pérez
Hi Steve!!
Why don't you use Field History Tracking? it is a native function. https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=tracking_field_history.htm&language=en

I hope this will be a good idea!!!
Harish RamachandruniHarish Ramachandruni

Simple u can generate report on history object . 

User-added image

Add user name over their it will possible .

If it s usefull make it as solved or ask me any issue .

Regards ,
Steve Berley [Left Propeller]Steve Berley [Left Propeller]
Thanks to you both for the suggestions. The problem is history tables tell you what changed but not who changed it.


My problem is I want ot know what changed and who changed it.  So history tables are not the full answer.

Harish RamachandruniHarish Ramachandruni

se in my org lead report screen short his modified is avalable 

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regards ,

createdbyid is available.