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Janet CutlerJanet Cutler 

Can you favorite a trailhead module to come back to later?

I want to mark a few Trail Head modules I want to complete for later but can't see a way to do this. Is there like a favorites feature or anything so it is easy to find modules again later?
hi Janet Cutler
there is no way to mark as favorite trailhead modual but you can save there URl on notpad  to go easyly on it.
I hop it helps you
Vivek DVivek D
You can start a trailhead module and leave it. It will then show that modules into your active module that way you can keep track of your trailhead modules.
Kannan RanganathanKannan Ranganathan
Hi Janet Cutler.

   Yes you can favorite a trailhead module by clicking heart  symbol button below the trail(as highlighted in below screenshots), later you can access it by clicking your profile photo tab on top right side of the page for your reference. Pls. refer attached screenshots. As Vivek mentioned you can also see it in dashboard badges in progress window. I hope it helps you.  Pls. let me know if you have further queries.

Thanks & Regards
Kannan Ranganathan

Favorite button in trail
User-added image

Later Access(come back to later  by clicking your profile photo tab on top right side of the page)

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User-added image