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Emilien Guichard 37Emilien Guichard 37 

Build a Lemonade Stand App - Create Reports and Dashboards issue

Hello there,

I'm trying to achieve the Build a Lemonade Stand App - Create Reports and Dashboards challenge and I have this error :

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Sales Dashboard' dashboard does not have a Donut chart with the Order Total by Flavor report.

My dashboard does contain the report with a donut, could someone please advise ?

Thanks a lot.
hi Emilien Guichard
i also face that error after create 2 drink order with contact name i complete this challange 
User-added image

User-added image
i hop it hepls you let me inform if it work
Outstanding !

This was indeed an error due to insufficient data, I also had the error about the Pending order components.
Both the error message and the instructions to create data aren't very clear.

Anyway, thank you for helping complete this challenge.
Woow mark it best asnwer if it helps you so it make proper solution for others :)
Laura Walker 31Laura Walker 31
More data fixed this error for me too
Allison RoseAllison Rose
Hello all,
I am also having an issue with this step. When I go to add the Order Total by Flavor report to the Sales Dashboard, I get "We can't get data for this component right now. Try editing this component again, or selecting a report." Does it matter if the reports are public, but the dashboard is private? If so, how can I change that? Thanks!
Even after I added data I still had this problem.  It turns out that I did not properly group by flavor in the Order Total by Flavor report.  Once I carefully went through the steps to create that report again I was able to complete this step.
Swapnil Barad 34Swapnil Barad 34
I had the same issue, So to resolve this I just delete this Donut chart component and created it again and tried. it's worked for me. 
Anastasia Panteloglou 7Anastasia Panteloglou 7

I'm really starting to hate this task. It just won't do what it suppose to do. Though I have saved all the flavors and their quantity, within the reports it is shown that no flavors exists. It is also annoying when you delete the report again and you try the task again, salesforce does not recognize that you just deleted the report and tells you that the name for this report is not an unique one, because it has been given already once. So you need to wait for ever until it realizes that it actually does not exist anymore. 

Honestly, isn't there a way just to verify this last step, I have tried so many times and I am starting to know this task by heart. It drives me nuts!

Keith StephensKeith Stephens

I have tried adding data, deleting and creating another donut chart and checking grouping flavor order but still not working. It says: The 'Sales Dashboard' dashboard does not have a Donut chart with the Order Total by Flavor report.
Any other tips on getting through this one?
thanksUser-added image
Heidi KingHeidi King
I was also having many of the same errors as above with my "Sales Dashboard" during the Lemonade challenge. I tried everything mentioned above with no success. Finally, I noticed that when I was editing my "Order Total by Flavor" donut chart and "Pending Orders by Queue" stacked horizontal bar chart, there was a field labeled "Max Values Displayed" and the max it will let you change it to is 100 (also the default). I had 109 glasses of lemonade in my pending orders. On a hunch, I deleted an order with 14 cups of lemonade and long last...I passed the challenge! 
Tyigeie BrownTyigeie Brown
Does anyone have recommendations for this error message on this exercise?

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Pending Orders by Queue' report does not appear to be grouped by Fulfillment Queue Name and Flavor Name.

My report is clearly grouped, summerized, and filtered properly I have no idea what to do.
Julia SchmidpeterJulia Schmidpeter
@Tyigeie Brown
I had the same issue. Check out the Field Names for Fulfillment Queue Name and Flavor Name.
Go to Setup > Object Flavor > On "Details" click Edit and move to "Enter Record Name Label and Format". My Org stored the field Name automatically like this: Flavor-Name. Removing the "-" worked for me.
User-added image

I still have to solve the donut issue though.
Tyigeie BrownTyigeie Brown
@ Julia Schmidpeter it may have helped if I speeled Queue without a second q.
Julia SchmidpeterJulia Schmidpeter
@Heidi King Thanks, changing the "max Values Displayed" on the various dashboards did the trick. 
Summer ArmitageSummer Armitage
I am also having this problem and have tried all the suggestions above with no luck. It will not let me complete this step even though I have all the reports and dashboards set up properly. HELP!!!!
Alvaro Sanchez 2Alvaro Sanchez 2

having this issue to finish the trail: Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
There was an unexpected error while verifying this challenge. Usually this is due to some pre-existing configuration or code in the challenge Org. We recommend using a new Developer Edition (DE) to check this challenge. If you're using a new DE and seeing this error, please post to the developer forums and reference error id: WHCIFVPW

I didi it again in a new DE and exactly teh same error. Anyone knows how to solve this?


Philip Loehlein 10Philip Loehlein 10
I deleted my orginal report and recreated it.  I believe I was missing the Chart Title in the donut chart report.  I added the name and it worked.