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Scott M - SFDC FanScott M - SFDC Fan 

Hide next button in a visual flow


I have an error screen in a flow, which is basically given to a user, when he or she tries to do something they shouldn't, like trying to do the edit workflow, when there is nothing to edit.

The problem is, in a flow screen that basically should end the flow, but isn't THE end of the flow, the "Next" button is still showing up and it allows the user to still continue on, when it really should just stop. Playing with the "Don't show Finish/Previous" buttons has no effect. I've added a connection back to the decision, so the next button just puts the user in a loop, but that isn't the best solution either.

How can I make a flow screen that is basically a proper "error" message and end the flow?

NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Scott,

Please check the below post from the forums community exactly with similar issue which might help you to accelerate further with the above requirement. Kindly mark this post as solved if the information help's so that it gets removed from the unanswered queue and becomes a proper solution which results in helping others who are really in need of it.

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Scott M - SFDC FanScott M - SFDC Fan
Unfortunately, they are talking about the desktop flow designer and as far as I know, it has been deprecated.

Andy Kallio 7Andy Kallio 7

Hey Scott, I was having the same problem. My situation was the following. I had a subflow with an error screen. On ocassions that a user would get to this screen they would click the next button then an unhandled error event would happen, triggering an email to me and making things buggy for them. 


In my sublfow there was a decision node that would either take them through the rest of the flow or give the error screen. Clicking on the next button on the error screen would take them back to the parent flow, but without certain outputs needed to execute the rest of the parent flow and that is where the unhandled exception occured. 


So, I removed the error screen from the subflow and added a decision node to the parent flow with an error screen there. This way the unhandled error is now handled and they see a finish button on the error page instead of a next button. 

You've probably figured this out by now, but thought I would this here for anyone else having similar issue.