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Max Michael Ingraham-RakatanskyMax Michael Ingraham-Rakatansky 

Can't find CSS Stylesheet in Static Resources

Hello Developers,

Code illiterate Admin here. I'm trying to find the stylesheet that is used in our Community VF page made by a previous developer who we no longer work with. We would just like to edit the colors being used in css style and section headers so once I find it should be a simple fix. 

Here's the VF Page "CommunitiesTemplate" that is being used in our page:
<apex:page showHeader="false" sidebar="false" id="CommunitiesTemplate">
<apex:stylesheet value="{!$Site.Prefix}/communities/CommunitiesStyles.css"/>
<apex:insert name="header"/>
<apex:insert name="body"/>
<apex:insert name="footer"/>

From what I understand, it seems like this VF page is overlaying the overall template of our community page using a CommunitiesStyles.css stylesheet. However, I can't find CommunitiesStyles.css anywhere in my org's static resources. Do you have any idea where I could find it? I've tried looking at all the /css files and .zip files in the static resources and none of them seem to reference CommunitiesStyes.css at all.

Thanks for your help, sorry if this seems like a simple question. 
alsinan nazimalsinan nazim
Hi Charles,

The VF will Override the overall Standard Styles for the SF Community Only if StandradStyleSheet is set to False in the VF Page <apex:page> tag. Also, Since your community is already using the stylesheet that you are seraching now for, will be included into your page, by CDN or by using Static Resources. If the css file is included as a staic resource, then it would be like:

<apex:stylesheet value="{!URLFOR($Resource.styles, 'stylesheetname.css')}" />

So you can use URLFOR function or can write CSS in the Builder Menu if you have access to Community Builder templates.
Max Michael Ingraham-RakatanskyMax Michael Ingraham-Rakatansky
Thank you for the responses. I am a little confused though, would changing the Apex code to URLFOR($Resources.styles...) convert the CSS stylesheet to a static resource? I am trying to access our current CSS stylesheet so that I can make a minor change to the colors used.