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SFDC developer999SFDC developer999 

Credential DEV501

I think Salesforce has replaced DEV501 by a new certification.
Can you please let me know what it is. I am having DEV401 and need to get a certification that is equivalent to DEV501.
Could you also send me materials to study.
Thanks a lot.
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Hi SFDC Developer999

Salesforce has updated their developer ceritifications with Platform Developer I (like 401), Platform Developer II (as 501) & Platform App Builder. Here I assume that your goal is for Platform Developer II. You can find more info here (http://www.salesforce.com/campaigns/success-services/developer-certification-in-progress.jsp" target="_blank) about transition & for study material.

Not to forget TrailHead too is good place to start, validate your knowledge and earn some amazing badges!! :)

Best of luck !!