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Caleb KuesterCaleb Kuester 

Visualizing Your Data -- Admin Trail


I am heading down the trail of Admin Beginner. Actually, I have just finished... but not quite. 

There's one trail that appears stuck. It's the Admin Beginner trail called "Visualizing Your Data."

The instructions are as-follows: 

  • The report should be named 'Cases by Status' and saved to the 'Unfiled Public Reports' folder.
  • The new report should be of type Cases.
  • The report format should be a summary report.
  • The report should be grouped by the Status field on Case.
  • The date range for the report should be for All Time.
  • Make sure to show details on the report by enabling 'Details'. This will make column data visible and editable. Display any columns you like but they must include Case Owner and Account Name.
  • Create a Dashboard named 'Cases Dashboard' and save it in the 'My Personal Dashboards' folder.
  • Use the 'Cases by Status' Report as the source report.
  • Use the pie chart dashboard component, and make sure the units displayed are by record count.
  • Make 'Cases by Status' the header and 'New vs Closed' the title.
I made the report, but saved it into the default folder instead of My Personal Dashboards on the fourth-to-last step. 

"No problem," I thought. I'll just delete it and start again. 


I can't create a new one because one already exists. Per Googling instructions, I decided that I should empty the recycle bin (what the hell is the recycle bin doing here? A responsible person backs-up data already. This is useless!) -- so I promptly empty it. 


Apparently, I was supposed to un-trash it, rename it, then trash it again, before making it again. 

Well, the only problem with that is that I can't find a way to rename dashboards anyways. 

I suppose my question is threefold: 
1) Do I have to wait until next week in order to fix this (per further Googling). 
2) Is there any other way to fix this?
3) Is Trailhead/Salesforce going to be this... unrefined through its entirety? This is worse than Bash scripting and that's nearly unintelligible. At least it works. (Delete a user, anyone?)

SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Caleb Kuester,

As you said even after deleting the dashboard from recycle bin, it will be stored in Salesforce database, and it will be deleted only after a week in the regular process of Salesforce deletion.

So for this challenge, you can use numbers after the dashboard name as trailhead won't consider numeric values appended after the name.

For example, you can use Cases Dashboard1 instead of Cases Dashboard

and you will be able to pass the challenge.

Hope this helps you!

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