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IO Exception: Read timed out

I have Java Application which is hosted on AWS.  We have exposed SOAP service from Java and consumed same at salesforce.
I have written all code and which can able to make call to AWS via SOAP service and it worked well for few days. But from last 2 days It is giving "IO Exception: Read timed out"

So I set below changes to clear the issue.
 1. set the time to 120000
 2. Tested from SOAP UI - working well and send response back in 662ms
 3. Allowed all traffic to all IP ranges at AWS.

but no luck. Cann we have some mechanism to identify exact error for "read Time"
ValueText SMSValueText SMS
And alos I tried the code from console and below is by code.

  List<VtSOAPserviceAWS.messageDTO> vtsmList=new List<VtSOAPserviceAWS.messageDTO>();      
  List<SMS_Bucket__c> buscketlist=new list<SMS_Bucket__c>();

           buscketlist=[select id,name,rsplus__Processed__c,rsplus__Sender_ID__c,rsplus__Number__c,
                          rsplus__Message__c,rsplus__External_Id__c,rsplus__Schedule_Time__c,rsplus__Schedule_Time_Zone__c FROM SMS_Bucket__c where id='a0A2800000GiQtu' ];
          for(SMS_Bucket__c sb: buscketlist){   
               if(string.isnotblank(sb.rsplus__Sender_ID__c) && string.isnotblank(sb.rsplus__Number__c) &&
                         string.isnotblank(sb.rsplus__Message__c) && sb.rsplus__Processed__c!=true){
                  VtSOAPserviceAWS.messageDTO tm=new VtSOAPserviceAWS.messageDTO();
                  if(sb.rsplus__Schedule_Time__c!=null && string.isnotblank(sb.rsplus__Schedule_Time_Zone__c)){
                   // tm.senderid=sb.rsplus__Sender_ID__c;
              VtSOAPserviceAWS vts = new VtSOAPserviceAWS();

        VtSOAPserviceAWS.userCredentials cred = new VtSOAPserviceAWS.userCredentials();
        cred.apiKey = 'testingkey';
        cred.secretKey = 'testingsecret';
        cred.orgId = '00D28000000HfogEAC';


        VtSOAPserviceAWS.valueTextSoapServicePort vtserviceCallMeth = new VtSOAPserviceAWS.valueTextSoapServicePort();
        vtserviceCallMeth.timeout_x = 120000;
        vtserviceCallMeth.vtSoapService(vtsmList, cred);