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Raaja Naik 1Raaja Naik 1 

on selection of fiscal year in select option.

I have a drop down with fiscal year  as follows

On section of particular option like 2015-2016.
It should populate data from april 2015 to march 2016.
how this can be achieved.
by formula or by controller class or by creating objects which stores corresponding values like april 2015,may 2015 .....to march 2016.
S TamanS Taman
  • Create apex class with with select list as public property and selected option
  • Create method (not constructor) in controller to perform SOQL with filter for selected option.
  • Create visual force page add select list on page and section to display data , onchange of selectlist call apex function to invoke method from controller and re-render the data section
Or you can use Java script remoting as well