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Irina Aristova 10Irina Aristova 10 

How to empty date, pick list fields on a clone using {!URLFOR( $Action.Opportunity.Clone...

I created a  custom clone button for opportunity, using the following code: {!URLFOR( $Action.Opportunity.Clone , Opportunity.Id , ["opp3"=Opportunity.Name+"-Copy","opp9"="",,"00N54000000aRB3"=""...,"retURL"= URLFOR( $Action.Opportunity.View ,) ], true)}

One of the requirement is to give some fields the new values or empty them. When the button is clicked the new screen with cloned opportunity is opened and some fields got the new values except Date and Pick List (the ones that should be blank). I am not able to put a blank value to a date field or pick list. In the example, I provided opp9 is a ClosedDate. If I put any non null value, the clone will be created with a new value in this field, if I put ="', for a date or pick list, it's not working, the value from original opportunity stays on a cloned one.
Does anyone knows how to empty date and pick list on a clone?