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Francois CombeauFrancois Combeau 

Access to Dataloader.io

I installed DataLoader.io and Java Machine on my PC.

I log with my usual Salesforce User/Pwd, but can't access the Dataloader application.

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what should I do ?
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Kelly Strauch 2Kelly Strauch 2

Hi, Francois-

You have to append your security token immediately after your password in order to log into the Dataloader.  So if your password is 1234 and your security token is abcd, you would enter 1234abcd into the Password box.  (Note that your real security token is going to be much longer than 4 characters.)  :)

If you don't know your security token, you can reset it and get the new one emailed to you by following these instructions:  https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=user_security_token.htm