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Can't see the field history


We are tracking the field name called "hours submitted" and this feld is read-only to the user(who is creating the record).
After creating the record the hours value is populated and no tracking history is avilable.
I looked at the code and all workflow rules nothing is updating the value.

Is there any chance to miss the field history traking?
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Make sure you click on set history tracking button so that the related list is visible to you.

When you enable field history tracking for an object then the changes are stored in a special history table for that particular object
The naming convention for these objects is:

[standardObjectName]History e.g. AccountHistory, ContactHistory etc
[customObjectName]__History e.g. Car__History, Brand__History etc.

Please refer below link


Hope this helps you!

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