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Trigger Execution - Managed Package 'wins' running before first

Facing Issues Trigger Order of Execution with managed Package
have the following situation I am hoping to have some assistance solving.
I've built callouts on two objects, call them Object A and B. Object A and B are both part of a managed package and thus there are certain aspects I cannot see or edit.
Object A has related Object B records.
I have an integration callout via trigger and helper classes when Object A is updated, and similar functionality when Object B is updated.
The callouts run in the after statements of the triggers.
There is a Managed Package that has a trigger on Object B that updates Object A. By my assumptions (cannot see the code), when Object B is updated, it has a before trigger that updates related record A.

When Object A is updated, callout is sent (JSON Structure, etc). Works as expected.
When Object B is updated, callout is sent for Object A, then a callout is sent for Object B. I only want to send callout for Object B here.

The only thing I am looking to accomplish is prevent the Object A callout when Object B is update (and maintain the original Object A callout when a user updates Object A)

I've tried adding a variable to class that's true by default, but is set to false in a before trigger on Object B.
Running in debug, it's true for the Object A callout, then is set to false before the Object B callout. My assumption here is that the before actions in the managed package code are occurring before my custom before and thus running the Object A callout before the variable is set to false.

Any help greatly appreciated!!