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Sean Fife 9Sean Fife 9 

S2S contacts and auto-acceptance

We have two orgs with Accounts and Contacts shared between them via Salesforce-to-Salesforce.  This is fine and dandy except in one org the Contact object has three lookups to to the Account.  I do see that the documentation says records will not be auto accepted if there are many lookups to one object on a shared object - fine.  But, only one lookup is shared and the other two are insignificant for sharing - meaning only one lookup matters.
org 1 lookups to account:
Account Id, Affiliation, and Employer
org 2 lookups to account:
Account Id

S2S Shared account lookups -
org1 -> org2: Account Id
org2 -> org1: Account Id

I do not have the two additional lookups shared through S2S, so the connection doesn't even know its there and those lookup fields will always be blank.  S2S is apparently not smart enough to figure that out.

Has anyone been able to get around this?