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Simha YadavSimha Yadav 

How to write a query if i want to fetch data ,the condition is like this-there are some account without contacts and there are some contacts without accounts.

The first question would be why, this sound like a standard Report to be set up 
Query wise this depends on how many data rows you will have but this sounds more for a batch then a standard query in regards to limits within collections.
Muzammil BajariaMuzammil Bajaria
Hi Simha,

Create one formula field on contact, lets name it account_name_formula__c wih return type text. In formula field, insert "account.Name" in advanced formula section and save.

then just fire the querry : 
select Name,account_name_formula__c from Contact where account_name_formula__c=null       -->  contacts with null accounts
select Name,account_name_formula__c from Contact where account_name_formula__c!=null      --> Accounts with contact

Let me know if this is helpful

Muzammil bajaria