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Jansi AJansi A 

Salesforce + Git Hub + Eclipce IDE

Hi All,

Currently we are using Developer Console of SF for our SF1 App Development. We are planning to use Eclipce IDE for our SF1 App development and using Git Repository for maintaining Source Code Backups.

Now below are my Queries for using the above.
  1. Through Eclipce IDE, I am able to Checked In and Checked Out the source code to and from Git Repository. Also I can disconnect from the Git Repository by Righ click on Proj -->Team -->Disconnect. Like this can I disconnect from SF Instance also for the Force.com Project.Means, once I create the Force.com Project(get Apex and Lightning components from SF Instance), can we disable for the developer in Eclipce to avoid Save, Refresh and Deploy to the SF Instance?
  2. Throgugh SF Command Line Interface(CLI), can I deploy the code into SF Instance directly from Git Repository witout using Eclipce IDE? Is there any advantage of CLI over Eclipce IDE?
  3. Which is the best approach to deploy code into SF Instance and to maintain source code backups? Using Eclipce IDE or SF CLI or any other way?
  4. In Developer Edition of SF, I heard, we can create only 2 admins. So only these 2 admin users can use the Developer Console for their coding. So
  • Multiple developers can use thier Eclipce IDE to create/deploy Force.com Projects using a single SF Admin User? Is there any conflict, if multiple developers use single SF Admin for their development?
  • In Production or Staging SF Instance, can we create multiple SF Admin users?